Art Classes Newcastle

Art Classes Newcastle


Drawing on the right side of the brain is taught by Vivienne Nelson from Mayfield where she teaches these Newcastle Art Classes. Newcastle Tom Hibberd Newcastle Photography is located on the east coast of Australia only two hours drive south from Sydney.

Vivienne is a dedicated professional and draws almost every day – she has been for over 45 years. She has practiced many art forms but believes drawing is the one true skill that is needed before going onto anything else, including painting. Drawing gives you a great understanding of art in general without having to learn the specialties of the medium you are using. For example, if you are learning Water colour then you have to know about a few fundamentals that are special to only water colour painting, for example you need to wet the paper before even putting a mark on the work.

Drawing is very simple you don’t need to worry about paint, a big expensive canvas to paint on and them mixing the right colours and so on. Drawing you just pick up a pencil and use a piece of paper and your off and away. Learning to draw really is the fundamental practice before going onto any other art medium. Vivienne teaches out of the famous Betty Edwards book – Drawing on the right side of the brain, in this book you are show exercises to try and look at the world around you differently. You look at negative spaces. This will make you focus on the task and object at hand, it’s almost like meditation, you block out everything else and just concentrate on the object, you really are training your brain to see what’s in front of you.

Newcastle Art Classes is for people who have always wanted to learn how to draw, Vivienne says we all have an artist within us it’s just learning how to bring it out, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain teaches us how. Vivienne has been teaching this way of learning how to draw for 40 years, she normally teaches one-on-one private lessons or classes so you are getting her full attention and can progress much more rapidly then being in a large class environment.

Learning to draw is useful as you can take it anywhere, if you are going on a holiday then doing a drawing on your travels is a great way of capturing the trip, drawings tend to be much more richer then photography as you are actually looking very closely at what you are drawing, you are almost studying the object so you get to know it very well, those memories will tend to last a lot longer then any most others, also you have a great memento to show family and friends.


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