How to Create an Effective Landing Page  

How to Create an Effective Landing Page  

Knowing how to create an effective landing page is essential if your targeted customers are to be converted into actual buyers. In the previous article I looked at how you should use multiple highly targeted landing pages to reach your customers at the right   spider excavator    stage of the buying cycle. In this article I’ll look at what makes up an effective landing page.

Let’s first look at the purpose of a landing page. A landing page’s main purpose is to compel the reader to take some form of action, to visit a merchant’s page, or to sign up for a report or newsletter. If you are the merchant it will be to make a purchase. Ideally this action should be taken as quickly as possible.

A Compelling and Relevant Headline

Here is an example of a headline from a landing page in the ‘make money online’ niche:-

“Do you really want to Make Money Online? I mean REALLY…Are you fed up with all the Scams out there?..Sick of being promised a pot full of EASY money?..If the answer is YES…READ ON!”

Enclose the quote in italics and bold it up in red font colour. In this case the headline compels the reader to ‘READ ON’ with a view to signing up to a free report.

The headline should be entirely relevant to the ad the searcher clicked on to get to it. So if the searcher types in ‘german sausage making guide’ that phrase must be in the headline. NOT ‘italian sausage making guide’

A Clear Exit to Your Merchant

It is my view that you should have only one product being promoted on each landing page. A clear link and exit to your merchant should be prominently displayed immediately below the headline. “Get The Top German Sausage Making Guide Here Now!” would also be a hyperlink to the merchant page.

Into Action

Use ‘call to action’ phrases telling the reader what to do in order to receive whatever you are promoting e.g. “Buy Here!”, “buy now, limited offer!” or “sign up now!”

No Other Distractions

Avoid any distractions to other areas of your site or the web. Never use AdSense ads and be very careful with images. It can be the case that an attractive image, particularly a face, actually prevents the reader from reading your sales copy.

Short Punchy Text – Use Bullet Points

Use short, punchy phrases and break them up into easy to read bullet points. Answer any questions your reader may have before they take action. Ask questions yourself and then provide the answers.


If you are offering a bonus make sure it is clear what it is and how to get it. Are there any time limits on the bonus. It may be a good idea to set a time limit, as this in itself, is a call to action.


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