The Day the ‘Catenaccio’ Died

The catenaccio is a strategic framework in soccer that involves solid safeguard, hard handling and the utilization of a specific job player, the sweeper, who is situated only in front of the goalkeeper. In this manner the sweeper (or libero in Italian language) recuperates balls lost by his colleagues or helps in twofold checking if necessary. It was generally and effectively utilized in 60’s by Italian clubs as Inter, Milan and Triestina. เรื่องตลก

Possibly nobody knows except for catenaccio is dead. Indeed, dead. Precisely on 25 May 1967, European cup last Inter Milan-Celtic in Lisbon. The incomparable Herrera’s Inter, champ of two European Cups(1964, 1965), attempted to overcome the third one against The Bhoys. After Mazzola’s punishment on seventh moment, Inter withdraws in catenaccio as they did in the triumphant 1965 last against Benfica. The Lisbon swarm is surrendered to watch the no expectation Celtic’s endeavors to puncture the guarded Inter’s divider for the leftover 83 minutes. Be that as it may, not this time, not against Celtic. For Inter it’s the beginning of the end: Celtic annihilates the Italian protection endeavoring multiple times on objective, missing a punishment and scoring two objectives that permit Celtic to win the Cup. It’s just gratitude to Italian goalkeeper Sarti that Inter don’t leave the field with an embarrassing score. After this noteworthy match, Celtic players, called Lisbon’s Lions by the neighborhood press, gone into the legend winning interestingly of British soccer history an European title, playing one of most prominent last at any point seen and killing the catenaccio, regardless of whether nobody makes reference to that.

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