World Cup Goalkeepers – Jens Lehmann

Brought into the world in Essen, Germany in 1969, Jens Lehmann’s soccer profession started off in 1989 with FC Schalke where he played for just about 10 years prior to continuing on to AC Milan in 1998.

Said to be probably the best goalkeeper on the planet, Lehmann made a name for himself while with Schalke. Notwithstanding, subsequent to joining with Milan, his presentation took a plunge and he was dropped from the crew after only five matches. He settled on a choice to move back to Germany and joined with Borussia Dortmund where he proceeded to win the German League title in 2002. Lehmann then, at that point, proceeded to join with the Gunners in July 2003 and was viewed as Arsene Wenger’s response to supplant the maturing David Seaman.

During his first season with Arsenal, Lehmann played in each match and the Gunners proceeded to secure the FA Premier League title without dropping a match. Lehmann, who many say has additionally gone through tough mental preparing to arrive at his potential regularly emerges from his objective to capture passes. He was man of the match during his club’s exhibition against Manchester United in the 2005 FA Cup Final after he made various splendid recoveries to keep the score at 0-0 after extra time. เว็บพนันบอล ดีที่สุด

Lehmann then, at that point, proceeded to save a wild shot from Paul Scholes during the punishment shoot-out, giving a 5-4 triumph to Arsenal.
However, one uncertainty stayed on the psyche of fans as they contemplated his personality following a few “occurrences” during the games. The German goalkeeper previously wore his gloves for the public group in February 1998 in a match against Oman and to date has procured in excess of 25 covers for his country. He has anyway been in a steady tussle for a spot between the posts with Oliver Kahn, from Bayern Munich. As many will contrast him and Kahn, Lehmann will require a great deal of mental solidarity to manage the strain. Thus, mental preparing ought to turn into a significant piece of any footballer’s preparation program today.

However, karma was his ally and as indicated by a new assertion from the German Football Federation, Lehmann has dominated the competition to save objective for his country. The issue of who might wear the Number 1 shirt has overwhelmed the German football scene and the strain was serious on public mentor Jurgen Klinsmann to make a decision.
Public surveys had as of late preferred Lehmann, whom many said was in fine and steady structure.

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